• Alfreaca Owner
    Hello, I'm Alfreaca (you can call me Alf). I'm from the UK and am the co owner of Computing Cafe. I enjoy all kinds of programming and cyber security. I am an ethical hacker who has participated in multiple CTFs. I am also online most of the time and happy to answer any of your questions. DM me or mention me and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can. You can find me on twitter: @Alfreaca
  • Zoey Owner
    Hey, I'm Zoey. I'm from the UK and am interested in all types of computer stuff. I mostly enjoy ethical cyber security as I love protecting people and making sure that people stay safe online. I also enjoy gaming, a lot.


  • Magnus Admin
    I'm Magnus, very beginner in everything but motivated to learn. Joined this discord community in November 2018 and have a attention span shorter than the attention span of a villager in Minecraft.
  • Pit Admin
    Hey, I'm a programmer interested primarily in machine learning and game development. I'm usually online, so if you have any queries feel free to give me a ping!
  • Mijanto Admin
    I'm mijanto, I'm from Slovakia, and I'm that inconspicuous eye in discord server. I like everything about computers and stuff relative to it. If you need something, contact me.


  • William Moderator
    Hello, I am a programmer in Python and web languages. In addition, I am an ethical hacker/bug bounty. I am interested in encryptions, algorithms and hardware. I also moderate for Computer Cafe. I hope I can be of help!