Security is important in all walks of life. Whether that be the physical security of locking your door, or the cyber security of having anti virus software. This checklist is specifically built for the higher skill level users. This is because we belive that even the people who feel confident in their security, can miss things sometimes It is also helpful to have a written checklist to complete as it adds structure to your security routine. This list is specifically for ideas so if you have a better idea on any of the points feel free to do that, these are simply suggestions. I would suggest quickly reading the beginner checklist as well as the medium checklist first, just to make sure that you're already doing the stuff on those lists.


  • If you're a higher level user, the chances are that you'll already be using a form of antivirus software as well as other security features, like web protection. I would recommend running a quick system scan each week, to not only check for malware but to also clear your browser cache as this will help to keep the computer clean and fast. I would also run a full scan at least once a month as this makes sure there is absolutely no malware on the computer.

  • An added layer of security that you may chose to implement is a firewall. A firewall is something that checks the connections in and out of the network checking for unauthorised connections. These will help to prevent an active attacker trying to gain access to your network. These can either be software or hardware firewalls, there are positives and negatives for both. For example, there is more security with a hardware one but they are harder to set up. For more information on firewalls click here.

  • This is quite a simple way of avoiding spam emails in your inbox but it does take a bit of effort. I would suggest setting up a second spam email address so that any website that you are unsure about, you can just enter your spam email and you won't have unwanted emails in your main inbox. For one time use logins I would also recommend using a temporary email address website such as temp-mail or 10MinuteMail. With these websites you can easily use them to confirm things if you just want to quickly log in once to something and they require email verification.