Security is important in all walks of life. Whether that be the physical security of locking your door, or the cyber security of having anti virus software. This is the top level of cyber security and is meant only for those who feel incredibly confident on their security. Because of this, I will give some suggestions but this is mostly down to you guys, so let me know what you want to see on this checklist.


  • If you're an expert, you probably use linux anyway but an added layer of safety would be to, when you download a file, make sure the checksum is correct. To check the checksum of a file that you've downloaded, you can use a bult in tool in both the linux terminal and the windows command prompt. For information on how to check a checksum click here. I was about to try and explain what a checksum is and I realised, a lot of you should already know what one is and if you don't, this article explains it way better than I could ever do.

  • Another security tip for an expert is to run a port scan on your network regularly. This can tell you which ports are open and so gives information on which parts of the network are vulnerable. If you see an open port where there doesn't need to be one, you can close it. This gives attackers less options when trying to attack and infiltrate your network, making it harder for them to do so. For a guide on port scanning see here.